Acid Stain is a coloring process involving a chemical reaction on a cement surface. This process is used to add a decorative touch of color and depth to existing concrete. This process takes normal concrete and turns into a work of art resembling polished marble. Scored designs, borders, and the use of different colors of stain can give your concrete a look like no other.


Water based stains are often used as a non hazardous alternative to acid stain, while still producing the mottle, variegated look associated with chemical reactive stains, water based dye stains are a great way to add a permanent color to a cured concrete surface. One of the greatest advantages of a water based stain over other methods of topical coloration is that the color is built up over multiple coats and there is no need to wait for a chemical reaction to take place. Usually after only a couple hours of drying can the surface be sealed with a clear sealer of your choice. Water based coloration systems can be layered and combined with many different colors thereby creating totally customized looks not always possible with an acid stain.


Whether you have older existing concrete or newly poured, Staining is a process that is growing in popularity with high end homes but is also affordable with smaller budgets.

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